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5 Habits to Reduce Multiple Chronic Conditions

5 Habits to Reduce Multiple Chronic Conditions

Posted on May 31st, 2023

Chronic disease is a state or condition which is occurred for at least one year and requires medical treatment in a better way. It also limits the daily activities of life. Multiple chronic conditions are common among the people of the US, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There is about 60 percent of people in the US the chronic conditions. However, 40 percent of people are among those having two of these multiple chronic conditions.

Are you diagnosed with a chronic condition? If yes, you should pay attention to controlling it at the initial stage to prevent any complexity in the future. In this regard, you should follow the recommendations of your doctor. Express Care Urgent Care tells you a list of 5 significant habits to reduce multiple chronic conditions.

1.    Reduce Salt Intake to Control Blood Pressure

High blood pressure usually occurs due to hypertension. About half of the US population is suffering from blood pressure problems. It can lead to the development of serious complications such as myocardial infarction, strokes, and other aneurysms.

The recommendations from the doctors include a change in lifestyle for preventing high blood pressure. Reducing the use of salt is an important recommendation. The reason is that salt causes high retention of water in the body to be used for wash away. It ultimately leads to high blood pressure. By decreasing the consumption of salt, blood pressure can be decreased within weeks.

2.    Reduce the Use of Fats to Control Cholesterol Levels

Fats are saturated hydrocarbons that are prepared by the hydrogenation of vegetable oils at room temperature. These fats can be natural as well as artificial. During their preparation, hydrogen is added to the vegetable oils through the process of hydrogenation. Thus, these fats have a significant role in enhancing cholesterol levels. Reducing their consumption of food can save us from multiple chronic conditions like heart problems and stroke.

3.    Exercise Daily to Control Glucose Levels

The increased blood glucose level leads to a high sugar level known as hyperglycemia. This condition leads to diabetes. Thus, control of blood sugar levels is very important. You should pay proper attention to regular exercise to prevent high blood glucose levels.

Through regular exercise, you can prevent high blood glucose levels. Exercise increases insulin sensitivity to glucose levels. The body cells can efficiently use glucose. It can maintain the blood sugar level for the next 24 hours.

4.    Take Sufficient Sleep

Proper sleep is very crucial for maintaining health. Though food and exercise are also important in health maintenance, sleep cannot be neglected. So, if you sleep less than 6 hours a night, the levels of ghrelin increase in the body which make you feel hungrier. Moreover, the metabolic rate of the body is also decreased making you demotivated for exercise and poor decision-making.

5.    Avoid Smoking

Smoking can cause multiple chronic conditions. They include lung cancer, pulmonary obstruction (COPD), heart problems, and breathing difficulty. Hence, you should quit smoking to protect yourself from chronic conditions. Though many smokers find it impossible to quit smoking, it is always beneficial for their health to quit smoking. Moreover, it is also advantageous for loved ones, as they are protected by passive smoking. A report says that heart rate dropped down within minutes after quitting smoking, eliminating nicotine from the bloodstream.

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