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How to Cope with Stage 4 Lung Cancer

How to Cope with Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Posted on May 31st, 2023

Researchers state that lung cancer is mostly diagnosed after reaching stage 3 or 4. However, despite being advanced stage, there are many stage 4 lung cancer survivors. We do treatment of stage 4 lung cancer at Express Care Urgent Care creating a proper treatment plan. The treatment is carried out according to the size of lung cancer and its spread.

More About Stage 4 Lung Cancer

After you are diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer your doctor will determine the type and treatment of the disease. The purpose of treatment for stage 4 lung cancer survivors is to prevent the further spread of the disease. Though cancer is not curable, the treatment can reduce the symptoms like difficult breathing and make living comfortable for you.

There are two types of level 4 lung cancer. These are 4a and 4b lung cancer. The treatment is carried out according to the type of stage. In the case of the 4a stage, cancer can spread from one lung to another lung, covering of lungs, heart covering, and fluid surrounding the lung, liver, and lymph nodes. However, in the case of 4b lung cancer, it is spread to one or more organs.

Treatment of Stage 4 Lung Cancer

In the treatment of stage 4 lung cancer survivors, the doctor can screen the patients for several genetic mutations that can impact the treatment type. Certain therapies work according to the mutations causing cancer in the individuals. There are four types of treatment for stage 4 lung cancer:

  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted medicines
  • Cryotherapy

Life Expectancy After Lung Cancer

The life expectancy of stage 4 lung cancer survivors varies according to the differences. However, the survival rate of stage 4 lung cancer patients is observed to be 16.8% depending upon the timing and source of data. However, don’t be entangled in the numbers. The numbers show the past cases, not the future cases. They also don’t show the type of therapies and their effectiveness.

Coping With Your Lung Cancer Prognosis

The diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer comes is naturally through anger, sadness, fear, and other emotions. However, you can practice handling these emotions to make your life as comfortable as you want. Our professionals can also connect with the support group and open the communication line with your family and friends. These activities are helpful for stage 4 lung cancer survivors to relax and forget their worries.

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