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How to Save Your Child from Skin Parasitic Disease?

How to Save Your Child from Skin Parasitic Disease?

Posted on May 31st, 2023

Are you noticing your child itching and scratching very often? Here is a list of skin parasitic diseases that can cause skin irritation and itching in children.


Eczema is a common skin parasitic disease in children caused due to presence of different allergens in the atmosphere. The skin of an infected child becomes sensitive to these allergens present in the environment. Eczema, a genetic problem in the child’s body, makes him prone to the common allergens in the environment. Moreover, the immune system of the child becomes vulnerable to these allergens. Moreover, these children are also more susceptible to other allergic disorders like asthma.

The symptoms of eczema include redness and rashes on the child’s skin, including hands, face, and feet. However, the rashes start appearing on the elbows and knees back. However, they are improved with the maturity and adolescence of the child.

Different methods can be used to treat this skin parasitic disease. Topical moisturizers, steroid creams, and hypoallergic products are there, along with medications to improve the immune system and decrease its sensitivity.

Head Lice

Lice is a wingless parasite of human beings that causes skin parasitic disease in children. There are three types of lice. They are head lice, crabs, and body lice. Children get the infection from head lice in most cases. There are more than 12 million cases of head lice annually in the US for children with age between 3 to 11.

Lice are parasitic insects lacking wings. Hence, they could not fly but locomote by crawling. Their locomotion is supported by close contact and shared belongings. Head lice create an intense sensation of itching and scratching in children. They also produce soreness behind the ears. Their eggs can be seen upon close examination.

In the treatment of lice infection, shampoos can be used containing permethrin. However, oral and topical treatments are also available if necessary.


Pinworm is an ectoparasite of humans, causing the disease to more than 40 million US inhabitants. They mainly cause infections in school children and people living in institutions. They reside in the rectum part of the large intestine. However, they lay their eggs around the anus. It causes itching in the infected children, especially at night.

The method of transmission for pinworms is through fecal-oral contact. Therefore, young children with poor handwashing habits are more vulnerable to being infected by these worms. In diagnosis, a tape test is used on the anus of an infected child overnight. The pinworms or their eggs on the tape are inspected in the morning. The treatment includes oral medication for the infected children and their caregivers.


Scabies is a skin parasitic disease caused by a mite, Sarcoptes scabiei. It can burrow the skin of an infected individual and lay eggs there. It causes severe skin itching that becomes worse at night. The symptoms include red bumps on the skin. Thin white or gray lines can also occur on the skin where eggs of female mites can be seen.

The rashes caused by mites can be seen between toes and fingers, wrists, and groin regions. The treatment of this skin parasitic disease includes the topical treatment that is applied from the neck down. The treatment time is about 8-12 hours. Moreover, washing all the clothes and sanitizing the common surfaces is also essential until mites have vanished. Oral medication can also be used if there is no improvement with topical treatment.

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