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Urgent Care vs Primary Care

Urgent Care vs Primary Care

Posted on May 31st, 2023

Urgent care centres play an essential role in improving the quality of your health. However, they cannot be considered an alternative to the primary care physician. That is why you need to understand urgent care primary care differences. Though urgent care centres provide effective treatment for several injuries and cuts, they can’t be a source of that relationship you have developed with your family doctor or a primary care doctor.

The urgent care centre is the best option when you can’t easily access your family doctor. Suppose your primary care doctor is unavailable to schedule an appointment. You can choose an urgent care center if you suffer from non-life-threatening situations like cuts, injuries and other emergency health issues.

Why Primary Care Doctor

It is crucial to develop an effective relationship with your primary care doctor, whether you are older or young, male or female. The primary care physician has frequent checkups for your health and knows your health history. He is also a source of knowledge and support to maintain your health in the future. He can manage your stress, nutrition, and overall health condition. You can regularly visit your family doctor to maintain your health and a proper prevention plan.

We Assist Your Primary Care Provider

At Express Care Urgent Care, our professionals are passionate about working with your primary care doctor to ensure fulfillment of all your health needs. We are committed to providing you with an effective urgent care primary care service in Hamden, CT. It will help spot all the problems related to your health and treat them better.

When you visit our urgent care centre, we require the name of your primary care doctor and his contact information. In this way, we could forward your treatment records to him. We can also refer you to him if there is a need for follow-up.

Please remember that we strive to act as a bridge for urgent care primary care. We communicate with your primary care doctor to appropriately provide adequate emergency urgent care service. It all helps us keep your health and control your health condition in a better way.

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